Going Into Your Heart Can Change Anything

*Published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence– January 2014 issue –pgs. 60-63. cover_2014-01

Going Into Your Heart Can Change Anything

Amy Morris


He describes himself as a ‘spiritual scientist,’ others claim he is a fraud, and many heed his messages and teachings through his five books, workshops, videos, and interviews. I’ve read all five of his books, listened to numerous videos and interviews, and just recently returned from his ‘Awakening the Illuminated Heart’ workshop at the Creative Life Center in Sedona, Arizona.

Although I found his books life-altering, joining him first-hand gave me a much deeper understanding and perspective. To me, he was fascinating because it was like watching an avid scientist, a joyful kid who laughed a lot, a peaceful yogi, a master teacher, and a regular human guy all wrapped up in one single package.  It was as if somehow he was able to be all things. I felt compelled to share my experience, not just because I’m a writer, but because it was truly life-changing.

Mind you, there is prep work required before going that can vary in length depending on where you are at.  For me, since I can be a bit dense, it was a progression of healing and learning for almost two years prior to my attendance.  My guess is that although you may still find an immense amount of information if you go without preparing, it would definitely be beneficial to really arrive ready.  Although I felt that I had to go specifically at this time, I still couldn’t help feeling that there was surely some more growth I could have benefited from prior to attending.  Well, c’est la vie, as they say. I just thought it was important to mention.

Five Days with Drunvalo Melchizedek

 As Drunvalo put it, “It is very difficult to do this if you don’t love yourself or if you have unresolved trauma.” I guess I should begin with why I wanted to attend this workshop, which for me was quite a hefty price tag for the money that I had available at the time.  I read all five of his books, and although I couldn’t seem to logically grasp all that he talked about in terms of sacred geometry and such, there was something about his message, his work with the native and indigenous tribes, and how he remained down-to-earth despite his awe-inspiring connection with his angel guides that grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.  There was nothing more important and I felt like it was the next step for me. I didn’t just want to go, I needed to.  After really thinking about it, $777.00 divided by 5 days breaks down to only $155.40 per day, which isn’t too bad.  If you have been to other holistic healers you know that is usually what one charges for an hour or two at the most.  So when I looked at it that way, it seemed like a great deal considering the workshop days ran from 9:00AM to 6:30PM daily.

Enough about how much it cost, how I got there, and what Drunvalo has accomplished.  What I feel most passionate about sharing is the magic that happened for me during those five days–not magic tricks like you would find in a Vegas show (although I did see a few seemingly unbelievable things), but the subtle shifts in understanding that became so pronounced by the end of each day, most evenings I felt as if an invisible force had blown my head and heart wide open. And I mean “blown open” in the best way possible. I had so much of a broader understanding that it was hard for me to comprehend.

It wasn’t hearing him speak about sacred geometry, or his countless stories of almost unbelievable experiences, or even the hard scientific data that backs up his claims that did it for me. It was the discoveries I made inside myself, the raw truths that seemed to morph into a new reality for me, and the realization about the power that each one of us possesses that comes alive when we open our minds and– most importantly — our hearts to the information, the experience, and each other.

Understand that I had never been to a spiritual workshop before, so don’t think of me as another workshop or spiritual-guru junkie bragging.  Nor would I classify myself as an enlightened being and free spirit–quite the opposite, actually.  I thought of myself as a loner, and a seeker of transformation, mostly to find my way out of my own pain.  I just want to clarify that I did not think of myself as one who fit into that world.  Really, I wasn’t sure where I fit in, and to some extent still don’t, but I do know that I was pretty surprised by the connection I felt to myself and to many of the 120 attendees.

The amazing part was that somehow either I was approached by or naturally gravitated towards the people that I was supposed to meet without much effort on my part, except merely to be present and open to it.  Though I felt a deep and lasting connection to only about six people, I had brief but pleasant and surprisingly intense interactions with many.

Drunvalo and me workshop pic 2014

Amy Morris with Drunvalo Melchizedek

Don’t get me wrong, it was still a microcosm of the real world, as people appeared to be from all walks, races, classes, and age brackets, and there were looks of judgment from some. But thankfully I’d done enough work on myself to let it go knowing that any of that was about that person’s issues not me. To be fair there were only a couple of people who I noticed exhibiting that behavior, so this was barely worth mentioning.  I just didn’t want you to think I don’t live in what most consider as reality. Although after that week, I’m sure that there is not a set reality as I previously believed.

I did really feel a great amount of support from others that I connected with that I have never felt before from people that I had just met.  It was as if my long-lost family and friends had appeared to share in this experience with me. From speaking with others, it seemed that they felt the same.

The Journey of a Lifetime

So, what did I experience? There was so much that I’m finding it difficult to sum it up so that you don’t give up reading before I get to it all!  Let’s see, one of the first astounding magical moments that I remember first happened during a healing session on the second day.  We were instructed to get into groups of six or seven.  One person lay in the middle while the rest of us surrounded them holding their head, feet, and sides.  My understanding is that it was a type of rebirthing exercise where we would let go of the past, and be reborn into the now and our hearts with the support of the group.

Initially, I wasn’t sure about it, but was quickly swept away by the methodic music of Jonathon Goldman and Tibetan chanting of “Aum” followed by “Hallelujah,” which we all joined in on.  We were supposed to have our eyes closed, and I did until I heard Drunvalo as he knelt down in our group and began softly speaking to the young woman who was lying in the center. (He had said before we began that if there were any entities that needed to be helped out of the host and back home, he would assist them to do so with the help of Archangel Michael.)

His hand was gently on her upper stomach area with all of his fingers formed into an O tunnel.  He looked to be pulling an imaginary string out of the handmade tunnel with his other hand. What caused me to stare with my mouth agape was the bright golden light that radiated out of this tunnel that he created with his hand, despite the rest of the room being very dark.  I was so stunned that I squeezed my eyes together and blinked to make sure I wasn’t imagining it.  At that moment, I felt as if I was witnessing something that I’d never thought possible, that was without logical reasoning, and was purely magical.  He appeared to me as a master magician minus the cape and wand.

The moment that I witnessed was just the beginning of the things I saw, felt, and experienced of which I didn’t know where possible.  I would like to stress that I went into this five-day workshop open and yearning to learn but pretty guarded and closed off.  Not that I didn’t have a big heart that felt deeply–because I did. But it really took a lot to get me to be open to others, especially strangers.  It was definitely a vulnerable and, at times, initially uncomfortable experience for me. It wasn’t painful, but just pushing me to stretch my boundaries.

For example, one day we started out modeling a Sufi dance by beginning the day facing a partner, staring into this person’s eyes and into their heart while holding the person’s right hand over our hearts.  From what I understood it was a way to connect with or look into the sacredness of everyone.  After a few minutes and having really connected, we sang in unison, “You are my beloved, I open my heart to you.” 

This was one of the most difficult exercises of the week for me because we moved down the line and repeated this over and over with different people.  Once I got past my initial discomfort of connecting with someone I had never met, it was an astoundingly beautiful experience that brought tears to my eyes each time.  When you really take the time to connect with people, you realize that you can see the divine in them because it resides in all of us. I am so grateful for those who offered me their space and hearts in this exercise and throughout the whole workshop.

This would be twenty pages long and ruin the joy of experiencing a workshop with Drunvalo if I told you each and every piece of information or exercise that we did, so I won’t spoil it for you.  Instead, here is a summary of what I learned:

  • In my heart, I have control over my happiness, how I see the world, and what my life is like.
  • It may be uncomfortable at first to be open to people and to open my heart, but it is more painful now not do it because I know that we are all connected and here to help one another.
  • We are all special, part of God, and have a purpose. No one person, skill, or teaching is more or less important than another.
  • Behind each human façade lies a golden heart that beats as one with everything and everyone on this Earth.
  • Seeing through the heart and not the mind is the key to truly seeing the world, others, and myself in the truest sense. Instead of looking up for answers, I just need to close my eyes and go within.
  • Magic isn’t an illusion. The only illusion is that we think we aren’t the beautiful, powerful creators that we are.
  • And the biggest discovery that I made this week was that I love me.

Mind you I have never said that and meant it before now, truly.  Even with years of therapy and utilizing many types of holistic healing tools, I could never say that and feel it.  There was a moment in the workshop that I found myself drawing in my breathe with surprise.  I actually felt complete content, and utter love for myself.  It wasn’t because I lost any weight that week; I didn’t.  It wasn’t because my wrinkles or physical imperfections disappeared.  They did not. And I didn’t become more financially well off during those five days, I actually had less money than I started with.  But I found what I have searched for over forty-one years.  I discovered never-ending love inside.

I can’t say it was one of the exercises I mentioned, the tons of information Drunvalo shared, or even feeling like I’d found a place where I could say or be whatever I wanted and feel acceptedIt was a journey of a lifetime somehow shrunk down into a five-day workshop that showed me how to get there.

It’s All Beautiful: It Is Just Weird

Whether you believe some, none, or all of what Drunvalo shares with the world, this I know for sure. He is as human as you and I, yet he is a teacher far beyond most.  After watching him this week, I think I will call him a “master conductor of the symphony of lifewho helps lead the orchestra of our hearts to create the song of remembering together as one.

I do not believe this because I think that he is a deity to be worshipped.  I just believe that he lives, loves, and teaches from his heart, which is a powerful demonstration for us to tap into all that we are that is just waiting to be discovered.

There were two statements from Drunvalo that I wrote down because they were simple yet powerful to me.  The first is, “It’s all beautiful; it is just weird.” It is as if he knows that some of the stuff he says seems pretty far out there when looking at it from a human perspective, yet he knows once you stop focusing on the strange barrier, you will see the beauty within it. And to me, the simplest yet most profound thing Drunvalo said was, “Going into your heart can change anything.”

I did experience that firsthand.  So for that, Drunvalo Melchizedek, I thank you from the tiny space of my heart.


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