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The harder the life…the more joyous it can be



tears“Oh what power you will find in the tiniest tear as it indiscriminately carries on its back a rainbow of emotion – from the deepest sorrow to the most exquisite joy.

Do not hold them back for they celebrate and cleanse you, releasing them from you.  Share those sacred spots of beauty that lie within that most try to hide from the world.

How many more hugs would be shared?  More kindness shown?  More understanding felt?  If we all let our tears be shown.

Do not shun them, or hold them back in hopes to save face.  You will save your race by allowing them to tumble down as others look on.

There is nothing as beautiful as the pure, clear simplicity of  allowing that tear to fall, for as it touches the ground you will infuse the earth with just another drop of love.

All great emotion from pain to pleasure is born from the love we have found in another.  The tear is the physical expression of this love you let grow and blossom.  Hold onto that because it never fails, it never dies, we just lose sight of it.

Be thankful for the tears you shed, let them fall freely and be grateful.”

-A.P. Morris